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Water Bores

Drilling and construction of water bores, designed to suit your geology and specific property needs.

What is a bore?

A modern water well is an expertly engineered and constructed method of delivering groundwater for drinking, irrigation, and other purposes. Bores are an increasingly popular source of water: by tapping into underground supplies, they help meet water demand in areas where there is limited supply.

The drillers skill and experience is important to ensure that your bore is properly constructed. Bore holes are lined with casing pipe to stabilize the hole and protect groundwater conditions. The casing must be sealed in position. Where necessary screens are installed in the bore to stabilize the area where the water is taken from, while allowing water into the bore. Screens may consist of stainless steel mesh or slotted pipe. Good bore construction is essential to;

  • prevent contaminants from getting down the bore and into the aquifer
  • prevent water leaking from the bore onto the ground or into other subsurface layers
  • prevent undesirable mixing of water from different aquifers with different water quality

But putting down a bore isn’t all there is to the story. To understand hows bores work you need to know a little about the underground water they tap into.

water bores diagram showing how a water bore works

Why a bore?

  • peace of mind
  • continuous supply
  • year round protection for your investment

Kiwi Welldrillers Bore and Pump

This is an example of a Kiwi Welldrillers bore and pump with a pressure kit and garden tap on a stand with protective cover. This installation demonstrates an easy access tap for outdoors use, from a low-profile, environmentally friendly option where pumping to storage is not an option.

Contact us directly with any questions on this design. (VRH18)

photo of vrh2018 low profile water bore

Get in touch and lets discuss your specific water bore requirements.

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What is groundwater?

Groundwater is water that is found beneath the land surface in pores and fissures in rock and soil. Permeable underground zones where groundwater accumulates are known as aquifers.

Groundwater is replenished from rainfall. After some rain has evaporated, been used by plants or run off into rivers, the rest soaks deeper and deeper into the ground under the force of gravity.

The water moves down through soil, into spaces and cracks in the rocks below the surface - sometimes penetrating to depths of over 1000 metres.

The replenishment of underground water reserves in this way is termed “recharge”

graphic showing what ground water is

Site access/Bore positioning

Good site access for 2 trucks to drill the bore, and for future servicing of the bore.

A site close to power if possible is recommended. i.e. Side of the garage, in the driveway with man-hole cover. In a garden area. Farm bores are often close to a shed.


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