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Pump Tests

Water bore testing, measuring flows and drawdown for sustainability. Data logging and retrieval for larger water takes and working with hydro-geologists and consultants.

A basic pump test is carried out on a new bore to collect the relevant data for pump selection and sustainability of the bore.

If a groundwater take consent application is required we work in with your nominated hydrologist. We can provide all the equipment required for pump tests, including suitable submersible pumps, all pipework/fittings required, generators, flowmeters, down-hole data log transducers, manual recording equipment and constant rate/step draw down tests. On completion of the testing we download all pump test data for use by the nominated hydrologist to support the groundwater take application.

Kiwi Welldrillers try to make the process as smooth as possible. From applying for a consent to drill and construct the bore, to drilling, developing and recording all relevant information required pump installation.

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