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Kiwi Welldrillers is an established drilling company of 40 years.

Kiwi Welldrillers was formed almost 40 years ago by Kevin Brown and his brother Shane. In the early years, the Company carried out oil, gas, gold and mineral exploration drilling.

Over the past 20 years, the company has specialized in the construction of water bores on a no water no pay basis, additionally offering a lifetime guarantee on the bore construction.

The company was the first to introduce PVC cased bores; these have been found to outlast metal cased bores, and continue to be the preferred casing material.

Keven, a 4th generation Driller, sold the business to Geoff Butt 3 years ago, who continues to uphold the long-held traditions.

Step 1 of our plan to better-irrigate our plants & grow our Nursery business has gone like clockwork - thanks to you, Brett & Meyer (sorry if the spelling is wrong) for making it happen, you've all given us first class service, and we appreciate it…

— John Hicks

Profile of a Driller

Drillers are a diverse group of people expanding through many different types of drilling operations. Each operation is different and requires a highly skilled person to ensure that the drilling process is successful. Drillers do, however, require basic characteristics, such as they:

  • Prefer to work outdoors
  • Like travelling
  • Can live and work in isolated places
  • Enjoy solving problems
  • Obtain immense satisfaction from their job
  • Like challenge and variety in their work
  • Can persevere under adverse conditions
  • Work long hours
  • Have a mechanical background
  • Enjoy working with machinery
  • Are resourceful, able to make do with what is available
  • Are the key people in the industry
  • Constantly making decisions
  • Accept a high level of responsibility
  • Have drive and initiative
  • Skills and knowledge that are in high demand
drawing of a driller

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