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Heat Loops

Drilling and installing of ground source heat loops for harvesting natural energy for heating.

This is a process of transforming solar energy from the ground into the comfort of your home. This is the future of heating. It is sustainable energy reducing your power bills by up to 70%. It uses the first 20 degrees direct from the ground, and electricity then provides the boost to create the desired temperature.

We have been one of the first companies to install vertical Ground Source Heat Loops in New Zealand. We have worked with several designers in this field. From industry, schools or large homes, all can greatly benefit from this environmentally friendly heat source.

It is not difficult with some capital outlay to harness the solar energy our earth holds for us as the diagram displays.

Kiwi Welldrillers try to make the process as smooth as possible. From applying for a consent to drill and construct the bore, to drilling, developing and recording all relevant information required pump installation.

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